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Baltic Rally 2013: Expressions of Interest

  • 09 Aug 2013
  • 19 Aug 2013
  • The Baltic Sea


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The RNVR Summer Cruise has taken a turn for more distant shores. In early August a number of skippers and crew will be gathering at the British Kiel Yacht Club on the northern shore of the Kieler Förde (Kiel Fiord) in Baltic Germany. Some of the club fleet are sailing from the UK but the majority will charter the BKYC’s fleet of Halberg Rassy 342 yachts for 10 days of sailing in the South Eastern Baltic. For those who have not already booked, other yachts are available nearby for charter at a commercial rate!

Cruising will be in the Kieler Bucht (Kiel Bight) and in the Lille Bælt (Little Belt) in both German and Danish waters. This region is rated as one of the best cruising grounds in Europe with the opportunity to sail freely in open waters, to tack along narrow, scenic fiords or to circumnavigate a multitude of islands. There is a plentiful supply of small harbours and marinas and many fine anchorages within easy reach every day.

With true lunar tides of only half a meter, passage planning is not tidal dependent and although there are some surprising currents, created by the wind, route planning is a great deal simpler than the Solent and most British and French waters. Between the smaller islands there are some narrow and shallow cannels, but these are well marked and usually well maintained.

Weather in the Baltic is usually good in August, with average temperatures between lows of 15°C and highs of 22°C, much the same as our East Coast, with its attendant possibility of rain. Average winds usually provide a good sailing breeze and direction of wind can be variable throughout the month but more usually come from the west or south west. Sea temperatures are around 18°C for all those who are tempted!

At the 2nd May there were 52 persons and 14 yachts registered for the rally.


Friday 9th August
The rally commences at the British Kiel Yacht Club. Charter skippers and crews join their boats during the afternoon between 13.30 and 16.00. There is a good local supermarket within half a mile for provisioning. There will be a Rally dinner at the BKYC with drinks beforehand commencing at 18.45, at which the Commodore will welcome skippers and crews from all attending boats as well as any shore parties.

Saturday 10th August
Free day for boats to start their exploration of the region. There are good harbour facilities around the Kieler Förde and in the very attractive neighbouring Schlei Förde.

Sunday 11th August
The day is free to continue exploring and sailing the region. On Sunday night, the rally will berth at Glücksburg, a small town on the southern (German) shore of the Flensburg Förde. The fjord is a wonderful sailing ground with the added excitement of tacking down the channel between Denmark and Germany. Fortunately the locals do not appear to insist on a change of courtesy ensign between every tack! There are several good restaurants to be found in Glücksburg.

Monday 12th August
A tour of the local castle, Glücksburg Schloss, is being arranged for Monday morning. The Schloss, on an inland lake about one mile from the marina, is a renowned Renaissance castle which has been occupied by Danish monarchs and German Dukes and has links to our own Royal Family. It is now a museum. During the afternoon, the rally boats will have a short trip to berth, courtesy of Kommandeur Marineschule Mürwik, at the Naval Academy, where a tour of the establishment and a buffet supper on the terrace has been arranged. The academy, the German Naval equivalent of Dartmouth, is an imposing building in gothic style, often called the "Red Castle by the Sea" and is where Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz established his base during the last days of WWII.

Tuesday 13th August
A tour of the academy`s very interesting historical centre is planned for the Tuesday morning. On departure Mürwik, yachts are free to explore as preferred.

Wednesday 14th August
No fixed plans - more exploring.

Thursday 15th August

Berths have been arranged at Aeroskobing (Ærøskøbing) on the northern shore of the Danish island of Aero, which claims to be one of the prettiest islands in the Baltic. There is an old harbour and new marina, both of which are close to the town which dates back to the Middle Ages. With its oldest building built in 1645, the pretty merchant town carefully maintains its attractive streets and is a picturesque tourist destination. A town map and information will be provided for a self-guided tour. Keep an eye open for the mirrors, by which inhabitants of the houses could view activity in the street! There is a nearby beach with charming beach huts about half a mile from town. A quayside party is planned from 17.00, which will include drinks and light bites provided on a "bring your own and share" basis.

Friday 16th August
No fixed plans

Saturday 17th August
No fixed plans

Sunday 18th August
A final dinner is planned for the last evening. Details to be confirmed.

Monday 19th August
The majority of the BKYC yachts will be handed back to the British Kiel Yacht Club (deadline 11.30am). Rally disperses.

Dinner Menus

Dinner at BKYC on Friday 9th August

Prawn Cocktail with Baguette

* * * * * * *
Beef Fillet Wellington, with Almond Croquettes, Roast Potatoes, Green Beens wrapped in Bacon, Roast Vegetables,
Madeira Gravy
* * * * * * *
White and Brown Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sauce

The cost will be £32.00 inclusive of sparkling wine reception beforehand and half a bottle of wine pp.

Menus and costs for other dinners and tours will be confirmed at a later date. The bar-b-q/buffet at Mürwik is unlikely to be more than £15 inclusive of wine

Special Dietary
Needs If anyone has special dietary needs, please notify these to David Whitby.

Dress code
Smart Casual Rig for the dinner at BKYC and smart casual rig is envisaged for all of the other events. Club rig can be used if preferred.

Information to Email to Your Guests
A PDF version of this screen that you can send to friends and guests that you have invited is available by clicking here.

Next Steps
Contact David Whitby for any further advice and information.

Contact Simon Kearns for any information on Aeroskobing or any general questions on Baltic sailing or getting to/from the Baltic. He and his wife Clare undertook the passage to the Baltic in 2011 and sailed the area for one season, and they will do their best to answer any questions!

Further Information
Closer to the event, more information will be distributed to skippers regarding details such as rally communication protocols, required paperwork for the charter boats, insurance, acquisition of weather forecasts, and some information on local berthing techniques, as well as more detail on costs/timings.

There is no inventory list for the charter yachts at the BKYC. It is understood that all yachts are reasonably well equipped and have paper charts and chart plotter for the cruising area. Foul weather gear and lifejackets can be supplied. Please note that anyone chartering a BKYC yacht will need to provide their own bedding, including sleeping bag, pillow, any bed linen and towels required.


Will all members already booked or planning to attend all or a part of the Baltic Rally, please register your name, and the names of any accompanying non-members. using the “register” button.

Notes on How to Book
  1. Would all members register themselves individually. Only non-members should be recorded as guests.
  2. If you want to add more guests but you have already made a booking, then make a new booking for yourself, choose No for booking a place on the Meet for yourself (i.e. you are creating a "blank" booking for yourself) and then add your guests in the usual way.
  3. Please do not add guests by typing their name instead of your name.
  4. Please don't type names in lowercase, use Title Case as you would expect them to be. The reason: they are used in various lists that are distributed.
  5. Lastly, complete the registration by pressing Next and then Confirm button.

If any additional skippers may plan on taking their own yachts, or members wish to join the rally please contact David Whitby as soon as possible.

The ten yachts available from the BKYC for the 9th to 19th have all been fully subscribed, but additional yachts are available for commercial charter from 4 local companies. The suggestion would be to stay in local hotel accommodation for the dinner on the 9th August and charter for 7 days from the 10th to 17th August.

At the time of writing there are also several Halberg Rassy 342s available from BKYC for the week 2 to 9 August for Eu940 to club members. Local hotel accommodation for the Friday night is available very close to the BKYC, and those staying there can then attend the dinner on the Friday evening.

Safety and Insurance
Where a boat (meaning its skipper and crew) takes part in a Club event the boat is entirely responsible for its own safety and the safety of anyone else having anything to do with the use of the boat, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing, whether in this notice of event or anywhere else, reduces this responsibility. It is for the boat to decide whether to take part in the event and whether it is fit to sail in the conditions in which it will find itself. By launching or going to sea, the boat confirms that it is fit for those conditions and that its crew is competent to sail and use it. The boat is required to hold adequate insurance and in particular insurance against third party claims. Nothing done by the Club or the event organisers will reduce the responsibility of the boat nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, howsoever it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the event. The organisers includes everyone helping to run the event, and include the individual organisers and the Club’s Officers and Committee. By registering for the event you agree to these statements and confirm that you will comply with Rule 24 of the Club’s Rules and ensure that these statements are brought to the attention of and agreed by the boat’s skipper and/or crew.

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