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Membership of The RNVR Yacht Club

Benefits of Membership

Joining the RNVR Yacht Club offers members the following opportunities, all for a modest membership fee of £35 per year:

  • Well-organised sailing weekends and week-long cruises in UK waters, across the Channel and in warmer waters
  • Excellent social events, both formal and informal, in various parts of the UK but principally in London and the South. This includes the prestigious Annual Dinner with respected guest speakers including RN Flag Rank officers.

  • Discounted training

  • Eligibility for a warrant to wear the undefaced Blue Ensign

  • Members may join The Naval Club without payment of an entry fee upon election

  • Members may use the facilities of Hornet Services Sailing Club at Gosport, The Royal Air Force Yacht Club at Hamble and the Royal Naval Club and Royal Albert Yacht Club at Portsmouth upon production of their Club Membership Card

The Club welcomes past and present members of the RN, RNR, RNVR, RM, RMR, RFA, British Army, RAF, their Commonwealth equivalents, University Units and adult volunteers from MOD sponsored Cadet Force Units. There is also a limited membership opportunity for British or Commonwealth citizens who are likely to advance the objects of the Club and who have or have had a Naval or yachting connection.


Membership of the Club is restricted to persons over the age of 18 years. There are three categories of Membership: List 1, List 1(J) and List 2.

Members' subscriptions are due on 1 January each year and are £35 per annum.  New members will also be charged a joining fee of £40, making a total of £75 in the first year.

The joining fee is waived for RNR members under the age of 26 and for members of The Naval Club.

Privacy Policy and Rules

Please read these documents carefully as Membership of the Club will imply your acceptance of the terms set out therein.
Privacy Policy

List 1 Membership is open to either:

  • Serving, retired and former members of the Royal Naval Reserve and the other Reserves (past and present) of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and Commonwealth Navies;

  • Serving, retired and former members of the Royal Navy (including University Royal Naval Units), the Royal Marines, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and their Commonwealth equivalents

List 1(J) Membership is open to:

Serving, retired and former members of the Army and the Royal Air Force (including their University Units) and their associated Reserves (past and present) and their Commonwealth equivalents.

List 2 Membership is open to British or Commonwealth citizens who do not qualify for List 1 membership and are either:

  • Members' spouses or partners and their sons and daughters over the age of 18 years
  • Serving or former cadets, over the age of 18 years, of HMS Conway, Pangbourne College or any similar institution recognised by the Committee.
  • Members of The Naval Club or any other persons not otherwise eligible for List 1 membership and whom the Committee consider suitable and likely to advance the objects of the Club and who have or have had a Naval or yachting connection.

Supporting Documentation for both List 1(J) and List 2 Applications

Applications for either List 1(J) or List 2 membership must be formally proposed by one and seconded by two List 1 members or life members, Officers of the Club or elected members of the Committee who know the candidate and have been club members themselves for not less than 3 years. The proposer must submit a letter of recommendation to the Membership Secretary.

The number of List 1(J) and List 2 members is restricted by rule to no more than 19% (List 1(J)) and 30% (List 2) of the total non-honorary membership. There may therefore be a waiting list pending a vacancy so members are strongly advised to discuss the availability of List 1(J) or L2 places with the Membership Secretary before offering to propose such candidates for membership. 

If you are an existing Club member looking to propose a List 1(J) or List 2 applicant, you can access the form here or if you're acting as a seconder then the requisite form can be accessed here.

To mail in your Registration please download and complete the following forms
To download the application form, which you will need to fill and return, click here.
For those proposing applicants, fill in this form, and for those seconding the application , click here.

RNVRYC Registered Address:
c/o The Naval Club
38 Hill Street, Mayfair, London W1J 5NS

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