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RNVRYC Summer Rally 2018

  • 09 Jul 2018
  • 16 Jul 2018
  • 1- St Vaast. 2 - Cherbourg. 3 - Carteret. 4 - Granville.


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RNVRYC Summer Rally July 2018

The 2018 Summer Rally will this year be going to St Vaast, Cherbourg, Carteret and Granville. We will be in Cartaret for "Bastille Day" (Fete National). This is always celebrated in some style by the French and we can look forward to sharing that with our Trans Manche Amis.

The key dates are (July):

St Vaast 9th-10th.  Depart 11th AM

Cherbourg 11th-12th. Depart 12th AM

Free days 12th-13th.  

Cartaret 13th-14th-15th.  Depart 15th AM

Free Days 15th-16th

Granville 16th-17th (End of Cruise Dinner 16th)

Additional Information.

Please note that the Tour Des Ports De La Manche will be visiting St Vaast on the 7th leaving am 8th. As this is 100+ yachts you will not be able to get into St Vaast on the 7th and with the possible exception of Cherbourg  into any other ports they are calling at (except in an emergency).

These are the dates of the Tour and Ports

Sunday 08 JULY

From Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue to Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

Monday 09 JULY

From Cherbourg-en-Cotentin to Port-Diélette

Tuesday 10 JULY

From Port-Diélette to Guernesey

Wednesday 11 JULY

From Guernsey to Carteret

Thursday 12 JULY

From Carteret to Jersey

Friday 13 JUlY

From Jersey to Granville

We have programmed the Rally to avoid the Tour  but you should avoid these ports on the above dates on our "Free Days" as well.

The Cruise is programmed to run East to West and North to South on the morning west and South going tides. It is important skippers study the tides as it could mean a very long passage time otherwise. We have allowed extra days to ensure we can cope with weather delays. Also there should be sufficient time to visit Alderney, Jersey and the Isle de Chausey on route WSNP.

Because of the Round the Island Race we have programmed the first dinner in St Vaast on Tuesday 10th to allow any people participating in that to get to St Vaast. However it is envisaged, as many yachts will be arriving in St Vaast either Sunday or Monday that we have a "Pop Up Cockpit Party" on Monday evening in St Vaast.

Tides and Tidal Streams.

Tidal differences are pronounced in this area and therefore tidal streams can be very strong. However this can be used to great advantage to make fast passage times. 

It should be borne in mind that the streams are mainly influenced by the main body of water moving up and down the channel but there are many counter currents around headlands etc especially where the streams circulating around the Gulf of St Malo meet the main channel stream.

 The indicative flows at the top of the Cherbourg Peninsular are as follows.

Date  West Going  East Going 
 9th  0900  1530
 10th  0930  1630
 11th  1030  1700
 12th  1130  1800

The indicative flows to the West of the Cherbourg Peninsular are as follows.

Date  South Going   North Going
 13th 1200  1900 
 14th 1230  1930 
 15th 1300  2000 
 16th 1330  2030 

This is indicative only - time is never wasted in reconnaissance of your tidal stream atlases or chart programmes.


Berthing is arranged in all ports under the Club's name. Please ensure you tick the correct boxes for the nights you require. Any changes please advise the event organisers asap. All the marinas work on VHF Ch 09


St Vaast

Tide Times  (FST - Metres) 

8th July Springs - 7

  LW   HW LW  HW 
 Time  1235  1826    
 Height  2.20  5.58    

9th July Springs - 6

  LW   HW  LW  HW
 Time  0117 0651  1348  1928 
 Height  2.23 5.59  2.00  5.83 

10th July Springs - 5

   LW HW   LW  HW
 Time  0228  0754 1457  2025 
 Height  1.90 5.86  1.70  6.14 

11th July Springs -4

   LW HW  LW  HW 
 Time 0332  0853     
 Height 1.51  6.17     

The Marina is accessible via a lock gate 2h 15 min before to 3h after HW. This may be adjusted to a shorter window if there is high pressure and a tidal co-efficient of 50 or less (Sunday is 50 and increasing)

On The Monday night there will be a "Pop Up Cockpit Party".  Details to Follow which will include a "TOT".

On The Tuesday night dinner has been booked at the La Marina Restaurant in the Marina itself. An aperitif will be served at 1900 with dinner scheduled for 1930.


Tomatoes and ewes cheese pressé with basil pesto
Melon gaspacho with crumble of smoked ham

Plat Principal
Catch of the day in papillote with seasonal vegetables

Vegetarian: Seasonal Roasted vegetables roasted

Grand Marnier crème brûlée
Apple tart with salted caramel ice cream


Tea or Coffee.

Vin Blanc: Camas Viognier IGP Pays d'Oc 
Vin Rouge: Château Charon Bordeaux 

Price £34.50 per head


Tide Times  (FST - Metres) 

11th July Springs - 4

  LW  HW  LW  HW 
 Time 0217  0756  1441  2021 
 Height 1.78  5.82  1.63  6.11 

Wine Tasting 
There will be a wine tasting evening organised commencing at 1800 (details will be advised separately). Participants will be free to organise their own dinners afterwards.

14 July Bastille Day Rotating Dinner

Tide Times  (FST - Metres) 

13th July Springs - 2

   LW HW  LW  HW 
 Time 0253  0825  1517  2046 
 Height 1.34  10.35  1.25  10.98 

14th July Springs - 1

   LW HW  LW  HW 
 Time 0348  0917  1609  2136 
 Height 0.97  10.88  1.02  11.26 

Access to marina Chart datum + 5 m. The gate opens 2h30 before and after High Water. There is 1.30 m of water on opening of the swing gate, with a rise of tide of about 1 metre per 20 minutes. Be careful of strong cross tides in approach channel. 

At 1800 the Rotating Dinner will commence as a Pontoon Party. Each boat or shore party is to bring bottles of good quality bubbly and glasses. All participating yachts are to provide Canapés starters at the Pontoon Party. Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed crew reflecting the spirit of Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite.

At 1900, following the Pontoon Party, the main course of the Rotating Dinner will commence. This will be followed at 2030 by the Desserts, etc.

The Rotating Dinner will be three courses, as follows:

Starter: Canapés starter provided by all participating yachts during the Pontoon Party drinks


Main Course: Hosted by around half of the yachts participating.

Desserts, etc.: Hosted by the other yachts participating.

The Rotating Dinner Plan will be prepared and circulated to skippers not later than Tuesday, 3 July, showing which yachts will host which of the main and dessert courses and where the participants are to go.

Dress: Le Chic Francais.

Note1: Barneville Carteret will have the following supermarkets open on the 14th.

Carrefour - 17 Route Pont Rose

Utile - 11 Place Docteur Auvret

The Market - Cours Jonville

Note2: Discourage any thoughts of early retirement to one’s bunk after over-indulgence before, at and after the dinner: at 2300 the fireworks display will commence above the Port of Carteret.


16th July End of Cruise Dinner 


Tide Times  (FST - Metres) 

16th July Springs +1

  LW  HW  LW  HW 
 Time 0529  1037  1746  2253 
 Height 0.82  13.06  1.26  13.21 

Access to the Marina is over a sill at the entrance. The height of water over the sill is marked electronically on the end of the breakwater at the entrance in centimeters. The port is open on the 16th from 0757 to 1415 and from 2011 but please check the water depth carefully before entering the port.

The End of Cruise dinner will take place in the Yacht Club de Granville and will start with an aperitif at 1915. Dinner will be served at 1945 with the following menu


Charcuteries Variées

Plat Principal 

Filet mignon de porc à la graine de moutarde et légumes


Tarte aux pommes avec glace           


Vin Rouge et Blanc


Cost per head will be £30

vegetarian option will be available


All Bookings are required by the 30th of June at the latest including participants and guests. Please ensure you tick the correct boxes for the berthing times you require.


Both restaurant venues are smart casual.

Port Officers

St Vaast - Peter Costalas - 07841565326

Cherbourg - Kate Dace  - 07768851353

Granville & Carteret- Tim Ware - 07802490631

Payments To

Sort Code 30-10-75
Account No 18278560
With following reference:- SC-RNVRYC membership No-surname. e.g. SC-2740-Costalas. 

or forward cheque made out to RNVRYC to

Peter Costalas, The Pound House, Carr Lane, Slapton, TQ7 2PU

Safety and Insurance

Last but not least a note on safety. Where a boat (meaning its skipper and crew) takes part in a Club event the boat is entirely responsible for its own safety and the safety of anyone else having anything to do with the use of the boat, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing, whether in this notice of event or anywhere else, reduces this responsibility. It is for the boat to decide whether to take part in the event and whether it is fit to sail in the conditions in which it will find itself. By launching or going to sea, the boat confirms that it is fit for those conditions and that its crew is competent to sail and use it. The boat is required to hold adequate insurance and in particular insurance against third party claims. Nothing done by the Club or the event organisers will reduce the responsibility of the boat nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, howsoever it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the event. The organisers includes everyone helping to run the event, and include the individual organisers and the Club’s Officers and Committee. By registering for the event you agree to these statements and confirm that you will comply with Rule 23 of the Club’s Rules and ensure that these statements are brought to the attention of and agreed by the boat’s skipper and/or crew.

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